The Book of Evie – By Jean Pascal


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Science Fiction Fantasy

Alecia awakens in a world she does not know and cannot remember how she got there. The only thing echoing in her mind is her name. As she begins to explore this unfamiliar land, she discovers a robin that seems to be leading her. She comes to an empty courtyard with a stone pillar and a strange book.

The book tells her that if she wants to experience the adventure within, she must step through a magical archway. She slowly goes through and discovers an incredible story that lasts the course of a lifetime and beyond. On her journey, she will see life anew as she travels with angels, discovering the mysteries of her identity and purpose in this unknown world.

The Book of Evie will move you. It will stir your emotions and take you to a world you have never seen before. Step through the archway with Alecia to see it all unfold.


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